Modulation For Hymn Medleys

Last update at 2022-01-15 03:29:27 am By Elizabeth Clark

working with a medley of praise and worship songs or hymns. This handout shows how to modulate between key signatures that are a minor third apart, a perfect fourth apart, a perfect fifth apart, a minor sixth apart, and a minor seventh apart. A crucial element of modulation is the "pivot" or "transition" chord that leads the ear to the new key.. been solved by modulating from one song to the next or changing the order of the hymns altogether. When you play a song in the key of C you can go immediately to a song in the key of F. Then you can go to the key of B flat. Next, the key of E flat; then A flat; next D flat; then G flat. This is the natural key modulation process.. When I think of modulation in congregational hymn-singing, I think of icing. Lately, I have been investing several of my Friday afternoons into baking cupcakes and muffins. I never bothered so much about making the icing though. Sure, it makes the cupcakes look nice and shapely, making them stand proud, straight and tall. But the thought of eating all that sugar make me cringe, a …. BY REQUEST: How to Modulate: Make smooth transitions from one key to another in a tune. This could change the key signature or it could be a temporary change...

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